Jun 26, 2010


Dress: Vintage circa 1970 -- Thrifted
Hat: Vintage circa 1970 -- c/o The Upside of Wonder

Mother Nature can be a girl's best friend or greatest nemesis when it comes to dressing. If you have ever experienced a southern Summer in your lifetime, then you know just how intense the heat and humidity can be and how heartfelt a relationship with a good sundress is. This particular dress is my "Yard Work" dress, only I'm usually not wearing lipstick when I mow my lawn (yes, I mow my own lawn and yes, I do it in a dress). This week it has been my "Holy Haites it's Too Hot for Clothes" dress.

Before moving to the South, I always had these dreamy, romantic ideals of all the things the region encompassed - steamy Summer nights, front porch swings (though, I have a hammock), sipping homemade lemonade and chasing fireflies barefoot through the grass as they light up the Earth. All of those things are nice and very real, but I'm certain this is mostly in part of my watching a couple of Cohen brothers movies and getting swept away in cinematic imaginings. I don't like to sweat, I'm not really one to run barefoot in the grass (how all you girls with fashion blogs who post pictures of yourselves sprawled out in fields is so far beyond me!), but I do like spending time on my porch.

This Summer I vow to wear dresses/skirts every day, allow my wavy hair to run wild, invest in more floppy hats (thanks, Amanda, for sending me this one!) and never forget to wear my sunscreen since my fair skin won't have it any other way.

What are some of your Summer promises to help you sustain the heat?


  1. You have such beautiful, piercing eyes! And I love that hat. I have a similar one for sale on Etsy right now. Love, Annie.

  2. You look stunning! I grew up in Maryland where it gets VERY hot. Now I'm not saying it's as hot as TN, but it's hot! and yes dresses are my best friend, rompers too!
    I adore porches soooo much! we won't have one :o( so maybe I can get my porch fill at you place sometime! While sipping something ice cold of course ;o)

  3. You look gorgeous, I knew the hat would look great on you! Southern summers are definitely idealized in movies...while they are all of those things you said, no one ever mentions how bloody hot it gets and how gross being sweaty all the time is!

  4. I absolutely love that hat and you're gorgeousss.
    I'm hosting a designer apparel giveaway at my blog :) Check it out!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful in these.

    The summer is ridiculous here and it's not even July or August, I'm scared for what's to come. When I thought about the South before moving down here, I thought of the same things you did. I remember my first summer here, and how disgusting I felt the humidity was. Now, I like it. I care for it more than the dry heat of California. I kinda like how, even after it rains, it's still sticky outside.

  6. These are so lovely and I so need a hammock right now! That hat is freaking awesome :)

  7. i adore your "yardwork dress," your front porch, and that great hat that was gifted to you.

  8. I can sum it up in one word.
    Preferably vintage.
    Light and effortlessly chic, they are my summer staple.

  9. OH MY! I love this post! You are absolutely gorgeous! I really like your expectations for the south. I still have those for myself about Mississippi and Louisiana. I think it exists...just not really in Nashville. :)

  10. You look absolutely lovely, that hat is so nice!! I love the idea of southern summers!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  11. wow this is beautiful!! :)

  12. oh my word gorgeousness!!!! your eyes just pop in that dress! <3
    mamushka marie

  13. So my ways of beating the heat: First off, I'm dangerously close to getting a kiddie pool in the backyard to fill up, and sit in, and drink sangria. I want to really really bad. Secondly, this is a little revealing but I try to go sans bra as much as possible. And finally, I never ever wear jeans. I just cannot do it. Its too hot!

  14. you look so incredibly gorgeous in these photos!!! i love the hat and your dress is amazing. this is the way to stay cool on a hot southern summer day.

  15. pretty jealous of that hammock. I love the hat. During the summer I always make a huge pot of coffee in the morning. Then in the afternoon when I'm hot and sleepy an iced coffee (that may or may not include Baileys) TOTALLY hits the spot


  16. These photos are so gorgeous and that is the perfect sundress, they really did perfect the sundress in the 70's, eh?! That hat is amazing on you too, the color really brings out the highlights in your hair (which I love wavy, btw!) and makes your eyes really pop :)

  17. oh deary, your so pretty. that last photo of you is beautiful! the South definitely gets the nasty part of the summer (heat!), but there are some really great parts about it too. i'm lucky to have a front porch swing where I live now, and just love it. It's the best place to read a good book!