Aug 12, 2014


Hello, Vintage Lovers!
Both the Etsy & eBay shops are 25-50% off until 8/19!
So many fantastic end of Summer finds & killer deals!


Aug 11, 2014


wearing // hand knit crop tank via pima doll, maxi dress via mary meyer, necklace via fable & lore

This handwoven tank has quickly become a new favorite in my wardrobe. I'm always a fan of a good layering piece, but when that piece is compiled of excess fabric and upcycled into something beautiful & easy to wear, well let's just say, I'm impressed. I often wonder what clothing companies do with their leftover fabric cuttings, so it's nice to see lines like Pima Doll using their organically grown cotton to create one-of-a-kind knit pieces that have no negative impacts on the environment. I feel like more & more eco-conscious companies are popping up every day and it's so exciting. I love seeing something as important as caring for our Earth and its inhabitants as a motivator for creativity & style. 

photos by Micaela Hoo


Aug 4, 2014


photos by Micaela Hoo

This weekend was a very exciting time in my household, as we added a delightful new addition. Meet Wanda! She's a 3 year old Papillon / Toy Australian Shepherd mix who weighs a whopping 5 pounds (though, she thinks she weighs 50). Wanda was rescued last month from an animal hoarder, where she was being kept in a tiny crate in a shed with dozens of other animals, covered in fleas and completely emaciated with no access to food or water. I am so happy that she was saved and nourished back to health by a local animal shelter where we got to adopt her. This little girl has brought so much love into our hearts, is so well behaved that I can hardly believe it, and is adjusting quite nicely into her new home. She's become quite the little star of the neighborhood, getting pets and attention everywhere we go. Needless to say, I'm completely over the moon with this dog and feel so fortunate that we get to give her a forever home.


Aug 3, 2014


wearing // vintage lace blouse via pretty penny, vintage skirt via pretty penny, sunglasses via pretty penny
necklace / gift from jen, sandals via score! pop up swap

As someone who has literally bought and sold thousands of pieces of vintage clothing in my lifetime, I am incredibly picky when it comes to buying vintage clothing from other vintage stores. More often than not, the prices of such pieces tend to throw me off. I don't really think anyone should have to pay a crippling amount of money for a really stellar dress, unless it's super rare. Plus, it's just more fun when things are accessible to the average vintage loving lady's income. It's really important to me to keep my own pricing very fair and I'm more than down to support other vintage shops who don't unnecessarily inflate their own pricing. 

When I discovered the Bay area's vintage gem, Pretty Penny, I was thrilled to see such a consistently incredible collection with prices to match my budget & lifestyle. I can honestly say I've never once popped into either of their Oakland or San Francisco locations without leaving with at least a couple of fantastic finds, so it came as no surprise to myself when I realized that most of this outfit was acquired from their shop. The top, I picked up one afternoon when I was simply not happy with the shirt I had on that day and happily left wearing my new lacy score. The skirt, a more recent purchase, came with a very special surprise in that it's reversible, so it's basically two skirts in one. While frugality is important to me when it comes to vintage shopping, a visit to Pretty Penny also comes with a friendly & helpful staff who are also very honest and will let you know if something doesn't fit quite right or just work for you in general. I really appreciate that type of customer service, as it speaks volumes about their character, letting you know that they are more in the business of helping people make wise purchasing decisions than making a few extra bucks. 
Case in point - Sarah, the owner, suggested these $12 sunglasses to me after trying on and being fully prepared to purchase a different pair from her shop that cost nearly 5 times more, simply because they were a better fit for me. And that is exactly why I, and many other Pretty Penny lovers, keep coming back for more.


Aug 1, 2014


Without beginning or end, the circle represents notions of totality, 
wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, 
eternity, timelessness, and all cyclic movement.

trowelandpaintbrush // Constellations Watercolor Print
YuliaTsukerman // Ceramic Mug With Blue Circle
seventytree // Circle 30 x 40 cm Print
citiesindustinc // Bronze Pod Ring
experimentalvintage // Vintage Mortar and Pestle
pulpalm // Golden Round Purse


Jul 28, 2014


I finally got around to developing the film from our trip to Gold Country last month. It was so nice to be able to take a glimpse back at this incredibly fun weekend. We had such a blast exploring the Sierra Foothills by day and celebrating the Summer Solstice with sweet friends at night. You may even recognize a couple of these pretty faces, as there are some very talented vintage vendors in those hills (hi Sasha & Amber!). With less than 3 weeks left of funemployment, I'm finding myself daydreaming of adventures to fill my time and a return to the Sierra Foothills is definitely on the list!