Jul 19, 2014



wearing // vintage/thrifted blouse, courtshop jeans, datter industries necklace via mira mira, sam edelman booties

I've had the best luck when it comes to vintage hunting lately. This blouse is one of my personal favorite finds in awhile. Much like its glorious sleeves, it makes my vintage loving heart go a flutter. I'm forever trying to find some grand balance between feminine and fussy. With its pretty details and easy wear, this top just does it for me. I'm all about pieces with personality that I can pair with a simple tee or jeans right now, as well. As a lady with a closet full of mostly dresses, this has sent me to searching out separates with personality for myself during my vintage expeditions. It's nice to be living my craft again. It's more familiar to me than anything, making it a nice place for me to be in while I prepare for a major life shift in a few weeks.

photos by Micaela Hoo


Jul 16, 2014


Do you follow the blog, The Drifter & the Gypsy? I've been a fan myself for years, so when Micaela (the blog's author) asked me to be a regular contributor on the site, I was absolutely thrilled! For the past few weeks, I've been curating a bi-weekly column for the blog entitled Imaginary Outfits. It's been so much fun putting together these themed dream ensembles and seeing them come to life on a blog that I admire so much.

Here are a couple of my favorite past collections...

You can read more information regarding the inspiration for these collections here & here

There's also a new Imaginary Outfits post on the blog that just went live this morning. 
You can see that one here (it just might be my favorite one so far!).


Jul 8, 2014


wearing // ace & jig dress, thrifted 1950s vintage sweater, iwona ludyga necklace, sam edelman booties

I strive to primarily wear clothing that's made in the USA, vintage, thrifted or second-hand. In recent months, I found myself thinking less about where my money was going and where my clothing was coming from, rather than ethically spending. Something about having a steady paycheck made me think less frugally - not that having steady income is a bad thing, it just made me realize that I needed to focus more on my personal set of ethics. When I recognized my spending habits changing, the decision to stop wasn't difficult at all. If anything, I felt a bit embarrassed and like I needed to correct a mistake.

Moving forward, I'm once again attempting to make more thoughtful choices about the companies I want to support and Ace & Jig is a fine example of such company. Although their clothes are not produced in the USA, they have a really nice ethos that makes me feel as comfortable with my purchase choices as I do in their beautifully hand-woven garments. This particular dress feels like wearing a woven dreamscape on a cotton cloud. I wore it out for my birthday and the cinching at the back gave it the perfect amount of give for a bit of food & drink indulgence, all while adding a nice touch of structure for a feminine silhouette. Not having to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style that's also ethically friendly is a winning combination, if you ask me.


Jul 3, 2014


I've been trying my hand these days at making my own health & beauty products (more on that soon!), but in the meantime, I still have a few favorites in my bathroom cabinet that I quite like and can recommend for anyone striving to take a more holistic approach to their beauty routine.

Angel Face Botanicals Flower Power Healing Bath Salts - These salts offer a vast array of lovely healing properties from soothing sore muscles & stress to healing cuts & bruises. Plus, taking a bath in field of floating flowers is really nice.

Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil - I use this oil in so many different ways, including making household cleaning products, my own facial cleanser and simply on its own in the bath.

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment - This stuff is a little miracle in a tin. I primarily use it for bug bites, as it soothes itching upon contact and makes my bites vanish within a day. It's also great for minor burns & scrapes. Plus, I've had the same tin for nearly 2 years - a little goes a long way!

Avalon Organics Moisturizing Shave Cream - Ever since I've been using this, I've not had to deal with razor burn once. My guy & I share a bottle of it & it's gentle enough for him to use on his face as well.

Jason Sea Fresh Strengthening Toothpaste - This is a product that I recently stumbled upon, as it was the only natural toothpaste that my little neighborhood grocery carries. After a couple of months of use, my teeth are noticeably whiter and some sensitivity to cold that I was experiencing has now gone away.

Fat & the Moon Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo - While I'm wanting to make a lot of my own products, I don't ever see this being one of them. Rachel, the darling gal behind this line of natural products, has perfected dry shampoo beyond my wildest dreams. My hair is long & thick & on the dry side, so I only wash it once a week. In-between those washings, this keeps my roots looking & feeling fresh while not putting any harsh chemicals on it. 

Earth Science Azulene Eye Cream - Before I started making my own facial cleanser, I used one by this line and decided to try out the eye cream shortly thereafter. It does a great job at reducing puffiness, dark circles and it's highly moisturizing, too.

Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Mouthwash - I really like the results of this product, but it does have some ingredients in it that I find questionable. I also recently learned that this company is a subsidy of Colgate-Palmolive, which is associated with Monsanto (BOOO!!!). I'll be making my own mouthwash soon, but I'll definitely be re-using their bottle.

*** please note, i am not a licensed healthcare practitioner, nor have i formally studied natural medicine. i am simply an advocate of natural health, sharing remedies that work for me personally. 


Jul 1, 2014


via my instagram

What a month! June seemed to leave just as quickly as it arrived and we're already onto the next month. With my birthday and exploring around the mountains, June was an adventurous one around here. Friday was my last day at my job and I'll be devoting the next two months to creative projects, vintage selling and blogging as often as time permits. It's exciting to be back to doing my own thing for awhile before moving onto the next step. 

Jun 28, 2014


wearing // gifted grand palace t-shirt, vintage/thrifted skirt, chinese laundry flats via nordstrom rack, gifted jewelry

I have a fantastic habit of finding a certain outfit and wearing it relentlessly. This particular jersey knit conglomeration, paired with a variety of different accessories, has been my go-to uniform these days. The t-shirt reminds me enough of my previous home to make me feel a nice twinge of nostalgia, while all of my jewels are gifted sentiments from my mothers. The longer I live, the less fussy I'm becoming with my dress (for the most part). Looking back, I imagined that in my 30s I would have reached this state of normalcy with clothes that was geared more toward practicality. It seems like that's exactly where I'm heading, only what's normal to me now is different than what I had envisioned. Who really knows what normal is anyway? I'm more content with keeping that a mystery.